Air Duct System Cleaning

How can these contaminants be removed from the air duct system? Our professionals have combined their proven techniques with the video-assisted ROTOBRUSH air duct cleaning system. This advanced cleaning method is the only one available that brushes and vacuums at the point of contact, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals such as sealers. You are left with the assurance of fresh, clean and virtually contaminant-free air in your home and office.

The powerful yet flexible Rotobrush easily cleans all types of air duct construction.

The all-seeing Roto-Vision shows you where the the trouble spots are, and verifies the job was done right!

How Air Duct Cleaning Works

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3...

  1. We clean and sanitize the register covers to remove cooking oil film, nicotine film and other dust collecting substances.
  2. We deep clean the source of the air supply including (where applicable) the blower, squirrel cage, coils, condensation pan and return air supply.
  3. The air ducts are then brush vacuumed clean with our exclusive patented ROTOBRUSH. The ROTOBRUSH removes the contaminants that circulate through the air duct system. We will sanitize your air ducts and vents with an enviromentally save sanitizer commonly used in hospitals and nursing homes. Leaving behind a fresh sent!

Air Duct Cleaning can: