Kitchen and Bathroom Refinishing

The kitchen and bath refinishing market has seen a decline in the quality of bathtub and ceramic tile refinishing. While the use of catalyzed epoxies have become popular as a topcoat in the market because of its low price and accessibility, the fact remains that for the customer to benefit most you must achieve longevity and durability.

Do your bathtubs peel frequently? Do you pay for bathtub stripping often? Are your bathtubs turning yellow?

Epoxy paints are great for particular surfaces, but not for pourus surfaces that require daily use and are exposed to water with each use. The first step to longevity and no more stripping is acid etching and priming. All porcelain surfaces must be acid etched before applying any topcoat. Then you must apply a primer before applying a topcoat of aliphatic urethane paint. Priming is the most important step that most companies in our market have stopped because of the time and money required. Service Concepts uses an aliphatic urethane and a spray on stratum 3000 primer on bathtubs and ceramic tileas an option to wipe on primers or no primer.